We have been looking at different occupations this week and were lucky to have some very special visitors.

The children thought a lot about road safety, got to dress up as a lollipop person and take turns to cross our pretend road carefully – using their own lollipop sticks. On Thursday we had a visit from a nurse who talked about her job and what a nurse can do for us. We got to explore some real medical equipment and took on the role of nurse with each other. There were a lot of bandaged children hobbling around preschool!

Then a policeman arrived to talk to the children about his occupation and show them his uniform, utility equipment (handcuffs/walkie talkie/badge/truncheon) and speak about being safe.

In our afternoon sessions we have been ‘at the car wash’ using our new pretend drive through to pour, squirt, sponge water and clean the preschool cars (while cooling down!). We have also thought about the nursery rhyme ‘5 little ducks’ and explored coloured foam.

Next week: we will be following the children’s recent interest in treasure maps and pirates.