Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete this year’s parent questionnaire. We are always happy to hear your feedback and the annual questionnaire helps inform our future provision.

The responses this year were very positive despite the low response rate, with encouraging statements about staff approachability, the activities provided to children and their progression. 100% of parents found tapestry useful for keeping up to date on their child’s progress at preschool. Comments from parents included: “We love seeing what the children have been up to and it’s a good conversation starter on the days when my child hasn’t told us what she did”. “We love being able to see all the things our child has been doing. It is lovely to be able to show grandparents”. 100% of parents were ‘happy or very happy’ to speak to staff with any queries and specific comments were made about staff.

Parent comments from this questionnaire can be found on the testimonials page of this website. Th actions to be taken as a result of the questionnaire are:

  • Continue to emphasis use of Tapestry and parent interaction through it,
  • Offer swimming lessons during summer term 2019,
  • Shorten annual questionnaire and simplify the process of completing/returning it,
  • We will look at increasing the number of 30 hour places available to children attending preschool, but this will be tailored to the cohort/parental requirements each year,
  • Maintain regular parent meetings and availability of staff at beginning/end of sessions.

To download and read the full summary of questionnaire results please click here.