We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather this week at preschool. The children have been planting seeds and plants so that they can grow their own snack items(tomatoes/carrots/potato/strawberries/lettuce/onion). They have thought about what these plants need to grow and thrive, and planted a sunflower seed to bring home.

Please help them grow their sunflower and bring in pictures of its progress to share with their friends. They have already been thinking about how tall their sunflower will be, drawing chalk versions on the playground and measuring them.

In our afternoon sessions we have been performing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star…’ and made star sandwiches, cheesy stars and hanging paper stars.

The weather has meant all of the children enjoyed water play outside this week and have cooled down with water sprays and ice lollies!

Next week: planting and growing continued – measuring height.