On Monday we found a very large egg in the playground, some footprints and a lot of feathers. A puzzle to solve! The children selected instruments to help them take a closer look and think about how it felt, looked (magnifying glass/binoculars), sounded (stethescope), how big it was (tape measure/ruler) and what might be inside.

On Tuesday we continued to investigate and predicted what would hatch out of the egg.

On Wednesday we drew pictures of what we thought was inside the egg and created our own dragon msifits, picking heads, tails, legs, wings and putting them together to make an individual dragon.

On Thursday we came in to preschool to find footprints leading away from the egg and egg shell on the floor – but no egg. It had hatched and we had missed it, but luckily a member of the public found it and brought it in to preschool for us to look at, talk about, hold and stroke – a bearded dragon!

On Friday we wrote about what we had discovered and enjoyed this week.

In our afternoon sessions we also explored the egg, but our theme following the children’s interests was ‘Pirates’. We made pirate hats, maps and treasure. All the children joined in with an imaginative trip on a boat to an island looking for treasure – avoiding shards in the water, going through the trees in the forest and finally searching for the hidden treasure. See your tapestry accounts for pictures and more about these activities.

Next week: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme. Buggly Beeps sessions, Monday PM. Leaver’s photos Wednesday AM. Parent Meetings Friday 14th June – please sign up for a slot on the sheets provided in the playground.