We have been learning about the 3R’s ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and there has been a lot of creativity displayed as the children turned plastic, cardboard, metal and paper into amazing monsters, bird feeders, suncatchers, musical instruments and other things.

The children learnt how to sort items for recycling, what can be reused and how compost is important (linking to our previous growing topic).

Swimming continues in the mornings for some of our children and they are all making good progress thanks to Mrs. Cross and Claire.

Our afternoon children had a great time on Monday afternoon as Bryony from Hartbeeps joined us to run a ‘Buggly Beeps’ session. A lot of fun and imaginative thinking was displayed by the children – take a look at the pictures in your Tapestry account. The rest of the week was spent thinking about bugs, playing with toy insects in the sand, creating wriggly worm pots to eat and making bumble bees.

Thank you to all parents/carers that were able to make a Friday afternoon parent meeting. It is always a great opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, raise any questions/concerns and hear about the things we have planned over the coming weeks at preschool.

Next week: we will be going on holiday in our travel agents during the morning sessions and learning about the seaside in our afternoons.