Despite the weather this week we have all enjoyed thinking about summer holidays and travel. We have made ice cream creations (and of course sampled some real ice creams), practiced swimming, packed our suitcases and designed our own passports.

On Thursday our morning children role played an aeroplane trip to Australia and were accompanied by an actual member of Virgin cabin crew! Log in to your tapestry account for photos.

They got to dress up and take on the role of pilots, ground staff, luggage handlers and cabin crew. They had tickets numbers to match to their seats, got passports stamped, watched a safety video and were served refreshments on the flight!

In our afternoon sessions we have also thought about the seaside and took part in craft activities to make; buckets and spades, seagulls, ice creams and flags. We have explored rock pools outside and built sandcastles in the sand pit.

We have also picked and sampled the many vegetable and salad ingredients that we have been growing outside, including: spring onions, chives, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce. The potatoes are still growing!

Next week: car wash outside role play, exploring shapes in our afternoon sessions. Monday & Tuesday AM swimming lessons, Wednesday AM Hartbeeps session, Friday AM Allotment visit – weather permitting.