This week we have been thinking about healthy foods. What are healthy foods? Which foods are good for us to eat? What makes a food bad for our teeth? What foods are ‘treat foods’?

The children have explored this topic in a range of ways as we thought about how to make healthy food choices and the foods we have at preschool for snack/lunch times. We selected pictures of healthy foods to make a ‘healthy plate’, made healthy choice pizzas for snack, recognised vegetables and used them to print ‘super veggies’. We even made our own ‘Super Potato’ to take home after reading the series of ‘Super Potato’ stories.

We also talked about the effect food can have on our teeth and practised brushing a large set of teeth using a brushing app (click here).

Next week: we have a harvest/pumpkin themed HartBeeps session on Wednesday 16th October (AM). We will be talking about harvest, making vegetable soup and collecting food items to donate to our local food bank. Please send in any items that you can spare – read more in our news section.