We kick started the week in ‘Winnie’s Potion Lab’. The children got to mix a whole range of ingredients together and create some very amazing looking potions! There were eyeballs, spiders, skeletons and gooey multi coloured slime amongst many other things. They took part in broomstick races around an obstacle course and followed a line with their supersonic broomstick choosing and saying which way was ‘left/right’.

They also played a ‘spider drainpipe’ game in groups, monster bingo and took part in a spider web matching activity with tweezers.

As we read the Winnie the witch stories through the week we thought about our own magic words and some of the children wrote or traced over these words.

On Thursday we talked about the celebration of Diwali and listened to a video clip explaining the meaning of this celebration and how we could celebrate it together at preschool. We made candle cards and decorated hands with Rangoli patterns.

On Friday we ended this first half term by walking to Kings Church to hand over the harvest collection that was donated by the children. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

Next week: HALF TERM – enjoy the break! We will be back to preschool from Monday 4th November when we will be talking about fireworks, firework safety and using this theme to explore colour mixing and ordering our names.