We talked about firework safety at the beginning of the week and listened to the children talking about the displays they had been to and the sound words they had learnt (bang/whizz/sparkle/pop/whoosh).

In our morning sessions we have been ordering the letters in our name and recognising the starting letters. Then writing or tracing over our names in our focused learning activity.

We have also been role playing at the bakery and making real bread rolls (which smelt amazing throughout the classroom).

In our afternoon sessions we also got to role play at the bakery, taste some of the bread rolls the children had made and practice our mark making with chalks/paint/glitter and glue – bright colours on dark backgrounds to celebrate fireworks night. We also got suite up and made a large paint splatting firework picture – despite our suits we managed to get paint all over ourselves, but had a lot of fun doing it!

Next week: On Monday we will be thinking about remembrance and making poppies. Our theme for the week will be the solar system to help children identify effects/draw conclusions/explain effect/predict/speculate – through discussion and conversation with others.

On Thursday AM we have a Pyjama Drama session at preschool – pyjamas not required.