We continued with our space theme this week and thought about our own aliens. There were some amazing ideas, drawings and input provided from the children’s home learning books this week – thank you!

We made our aliens with play dough, built rockets with fruit and our names, drew our own faces and then added an astronaut helmet – which we needed for our trip to the moon.

We also looked at patterns this week with our story ‘Aliens love Underpants’. Then we made our alien puppets to retell our alien stories to our friends.

Our photo session with Ellie on Thursday went well and we are looking forward to seeing the results soon.

In our afternoon sessions we also thought about patterns and decorated our underpants with different materials. We played with farm animals and thought about animal babies and the sounds they make linking to the flap book story “Where’s Curly?”.

Next week: Christmas will be arriving early at preschool as we put up our tree and start to get busy with our nativity practice. Our theme that will run alongside our Christmas cookery week will be ‘germs’ and how good hygiene practices can stop them spreading.