This week we have been thinking about germs and the word ‘invisible’. We have learnt how to wash our hands correctly to wash away germs and practised this before we set about our cooking activities.

Germy Germ and Sneezy Stevie helped us learn about germs and how they spread in practical activities. We practised making a bubble glove with soap and water, watched how paint spreads from hand to hand in our circle activity and saw how far a sneeze can travel across the room.

We are waiting to see how the germs from our hands (before we washed them) spread on contact with our slices of bread.

In our afternoon sessions we have taken a sleigh ride in an imaginative activity, got crafty and made baubles, reindeer hats and stockings. We also practised our climbing, balancing and jumping skills using our indoor obstacle course.

Next week: Christmas Jumper days (PM – Monday and Tuesday. AM – Thursday). Tuesday AM we will be walking to St. Paul’s church for a Christingle celebration. The children will be following 3 step instructions in our Christmas present wrapping station and learning more about ‘the nativity’.