Thank you to everyone that has brought things in to preschool from their special places this week to share with their friends. We have talked about America/Tenerife/Paris/Egypt and Menorca – using our giant preschool map to locate these countries and talk about our experiences there. Mr. Bear left preschool on Monday for his big world trip and we are looking forward to receiving his first postcard next week!

We have been exploring sounds this week and our morning children went on a sound walk using their listening ears. We then focused on the letter sound ‘S’ and played games to hear the sound at the start of words. We raced each other around preschool to find things beginning with the sound ‘Ssss’.

Following the children’s interests we created our own potato baby and looked after it. We used a clock that told us the time to play/eat/sleep, and made sure we took good care of them throughout the preschool sessions.

In our afternoon sessions we matched quantity to numbers, counted the candles on our cakes, thought about positional language and sorted shapes.

Next week: Chinese New Year celebration to start the week; a visit from Pyjama Drama, trying new foods, dragon dancing and our Chinese Restaurant role play area. We will then be thinking about different seasons and other countries using our map. In our afternoon sessions we will also celebrate Chinese New Year – exploring noodles/rice and chop sticks.