We have been busy little researchers this week, trying to find the answer to the questions ‘What sticks to a magnet?’ and ‘Why does ice melt?’ We have been exploring, making predictions and testing our ideas throughout the week.

We used magnets to find objects in the sand, looked around preschool to see which objects would stick and drew some interesting conclusions as we discussed our findings. We also explored ice, saw how we could freeze water and watched the effect melting ice had on water levels. We even talked about the melting polar ice caps and how we could help. Take a look at tapestry to see how the children tested their ideas this week: www.tapestry.info/

In our afternoon sessions we also explored ice and magnets together. We practiced some of our new found skills, cutting, pencil control and name recognition.

Next week: we will be following the children’s interests in fossils and dinosaurs next week to inform our learning activities for both AM/PM sessions.