We have been celebrating British Science Week at Addlestone Preschool. The children have been exploring, creating their own experiments and learning a lot about how things work, what materials can be used to create explosions/get things moving, when to use caution/safety strategies and why we need to experiment and learn about the natural world (the focus of this years science week).

We have used a lot of questions this week and thought about the words we need to use when posing questions -Why/What/When/How.

The children used bubbles, mixed up a bubble solution and made their own bubble wands. They took a walk in nature to find and match coloured natural objects to their colour palette. They used torches to explore light and dark and had a demonstration about circuits. Then they each got to help build/alter the circuits to hear different sounds and make a propeller shoot into the sky.

Plus a lot more…….visit your tapestry account to see for yourself.

We finished the week with a visit from GenieLab Science and got to see some amazing science in action from the professionals!

Next week: following the children’s interest, we will have a knights/princess themed activities throughout the week in our impromptu castle. Mini athletics session on Thursday 19th March.