The mixed weather hasn’t put the children off playing outside this week as we used our preschool roadway – some of us getting rather soggy! The children cycled/scooted around the preschool chalk road, stopping at the lights and waiting at the crossing when instructed, before parking in our make shift cycle park.

We listened to and read the story ‘The Rainbow fish’, then got crafty to create our own fish. We a fishing line and raced to see who could reel their fish in the quickest (helping with our fine motor control).

To finish the week we manipulated materials to make cakes from play dough, scoop foam ice cream into cones and build ice cream pictures.

Next week: our theme will be Superheroes and children can come to preschool dressed as a superhero on Monday/Tuesday. They will take part in a range of activities linked to this theme. Check your tapestry memo for further details about specific activities and for further home learning.