We have been thinking about Superheroes this week, enjoyed dressing up to come to school and moving around the preschool in a range of ways using our superhero movements.

We stepped over, climbed, slithered and crawled through our giant web, then practised on our hopscotch board jumping, hopping, twisting, balancing on one leg, shooting webs and flying!

We thought about the letter sound ‘S’ and all the words that start with this sound, then made a super letter ‘S’. To finish the week we used lollipop sticks and added features to make superhero puppets and took it in turns to perform a puppet show.

You can see pictures from all of our activities this week on your tapestry account.

Next week: Seaside theme, bucket and spade craft, sand play, jellyfish paper plates and more. Summer term ends on Friday 17th July.