It has been an amazing first week back at preschool and we have welcomed a lot of new faces as well as some that we haven’t seen for far too long!

The children have all been great at settling into the new routines of hand sanitising, temperature checking and learning the preschool rules. The weather has let us explore water, musical instruments, foam and our car repair centre outside this week as the children got to know each other.

We have enjoyed a range of stories, created a lot of paintings/pictures and learnt some new songs. We took a bus trip together in our morning session and found our names written on tickets by the seats.

Your Tapestry access email will be sent out on Friday afternoon, please follow the link in the email and activate your account within 19 days. You will then be able to see updates on your child’s progress and pictures of all the things that they have been up to throughout the week.

Next week: we will continue to embed our hygiene routines. Start to look at different nursery rhymes.