This week we have been learning the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..’ We have recited the rhyme, sequenced the events and used the giant ipad to explore the nursery rhyme and count bricks.

The children had fun knocking real eggs off the wall outside and even throwing them to each other! They then put poor Humpty back together again using plasters and matching the pieces. Some of the children got to look after Humpty Dumpty’s cousins ‘Lumpty and Bumpty’, making sure that through the session they didn’t break.

We built walls with a trowel, bricks and foam cement outside, then used our building tools to role play.

On Thursday we got out the karaoke machine and set up a pretend stage so that we could perform songs and nursery rhymes for our friends to hear. Take a look at your tapestry account to see the songs we picked –

On Friday we broke into small groups and played a series of memory games.

Next week: we are following the children’s interests and have turned our home corner into a fire station. You can see some pictures in our gallery. We will also look at recognising shapes and making arrangements with shapes in our one-to-one activity.