This week we have covered a range of things with the children.

Our theme for the week has been germs as we reinforced how to keep ourselves and others safe with good hygiene practices. We recapped on hand washing and partnered to see how germs could spread from one hand to another. ‘Germy germ’ showed us the importance of washing germs away and ‘Sneezy Stevie’ made an appearance to demonstrate how far germs can travel when you sneeze, and we thought about the slogan ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’.

To help with our learning the children explored our doctors surgery in the home corner and treated a lot of sick patients!

We also looked at the special celebrations of Remembrance day and Diwali. The children watched video clips explaining the celebrations and talked about them during a group session. They all had the chance to take part in craft activities to make poppies, lanterns and rangoli patterns.

Next week: we will look at the things that make us unique and create our own ‘About me’ booklets.