We have had fun exploring a rock pool, getting crafty and finding out who the secret present giver is this week.

Our morning children were surprised to find some presents left at preschool this week and nobody seemed to know where they had come from, or who left them there. They all thought long and hard to come up with ideas of who it might be and how they had brought the presents in to preschool. As a group they decided to leave a letter asking some questions and see if they got a reply. The next day they found a letter from Mr.Elf and went on an elf hunt around the preschool. The teachers are hoping that Mr.Elf wont be too naughty over the next few weeks!

There have been a lot of special crafts happening this week and some lovely photos have been taken of the children – all ready for Christmas.

There were also a lot of opportunities for the children to explore different objects, textures, and share resources this week with our diggers tray, rock pool play, pop-up books and marble mazes.

Next week: we will be practicing for our Nativity, decorating our tree and using the skills that we have learnt this term in a variety of ways.