Well it has been a very funny week, but we are still here! The children have been enjoying their first week back at preschool and enjoyed talking about their Christmas.

They have played with a giant marble maze and used critical thinking to work out how to improve it. They have rearranged it to make sure the marble travels to the right spot and helped each other along the way.

We have been burning off our excess energy with our indoor circuit training – trampolining/sliding and balancing. We have raced our cars outside in the playground and been playing football.

In the classroom the children have played doctors, wrapped presents, impressed the teachers with their dinosaur knowledge, explored paint and settled back in to the preschool routines.

Next week: we are following the children’s interest and using the theme of ‘Pirates’ to support our learning through the week. A giant pirate ship is ready for some finishing touches on Monday as the children will paint, add flags, find treasure and make hats. We will begin looking at a letter sound together, practice writing pirate themed words and of course sing some pirate songs! Take a look at our photo gallery to see what is set up and waiting.