At preschool this week we have been searching for treasure, sailing the high seas and learning new pirate words with the children.

Our morning children took part in a pirate themed quiz, used their treasure maps to find gold coins, looked through telescopes and sailed their galleon to far away places. They walked the plank to much cheering from their pirate shipmates and played pirate themed games, encouraging them to move in different ways from an island to a treasure box, from a boat to an island (hopping/jumping/crawling…). They also practised writing pirate words and learnt some new vocabulary – galleon/cutlass.

In our afternoon sessions we made treasure boxes and maps, enjoyed role play on the pirate ship, explored a small world pirate ship with characters and a foam sea. They climbed, balanced and jumped on our assault course and took part in music and movement songs.

Next week: We will be using the ‘Supertato’ stories to help with our learning about healthy foods. We will continue to practice writing letters and words and begin to think about the initial letter sounds of familiar words. A home learning book will be sent out to our morning parents, that provides some information about how we learn letter sounds and form letters with children at preschool.