This week our morning children have been enjoying the series of Supertato stories, by Sue Hendra. The children got to make their own potato superhero, created pictures to remember and talk about the stories/characters. They even made their own superhero masks to save the day!

We looked at number recognition, counting and measuring with the morning children throughout the week using vegetables. Some of our children were even adding and subtracting in simple mathematical problems. Look out for pictures from this week’s activities on your tapestry journal. They ended the week by recognising a range of healthy vegetables, (talking about healthy eating and safety when using sharp kitchen tools) peeling, chopping and making some very yummy soup for snack.

In our afternoon sessions we used our shop to role play and model language/sharing. A lot of money was exchanged and some of the vegetables were sold for £2000 each! Potatoes were used for printing pictures and all of the different types of vegetables provided exploratory play in the sand tray.

Next week: we are bird watching! It is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch next weekend and we are going to be using this theme to inform our learning activities. We will be listening and looking to sounds (bird noise) on a walk outside, using tally charts to count how many we see and taking part in some craft activities to make binoculars/birds/nests/feeders. In our afternoon sessions we will also use the bird hideout for role play, practice some new vocabulary and get crafty.