This week we have been thinking of how we can help others and ways that we can show kindness. Throughout the week our morning children have been looking at different situations (cartoon images of situations that link to an emotion) then talking with an adult about what is happening in the picture and how the people might feel/how they could feel better.

The children have also been trying to help others and show kindness during their preschool sessions – they have been given a ‘kindness heart’ if they put the things they have been learning into practice.

The children played a game of trust in pairs – taking it in turn to lead a blindfolded partner through a small course. Take a look at the images in your tapestry account. They also learnt new vocabulary linking to more complex emotions (new vocabulary – with images of facial expressions to help with understanding) and played a memory game in groups to help them recall these new emotion names.

All morning children also ‘mailed a hug’ – take a look in our gallery to see their hugs.

In our afternoon sessions we practised sharing with others, using kind words/hands and taking turns. All of the children have been busy making some special cards and gifts!

We have been playing football outside and practising our ball skills/playing together/helping our team to score goals.

Next week: we are starting to think more about getting ready for school. Our morning children will be completing activities in smaller groups and trying to do things independently. School readiness sheets will be sent home for reference as we look ahead to the summer term.