This week we have been trying a new classroom layout and small group activities with our morning children as they practiced their school readiness skills. They have all taken part in a huge number of activities designed to help with listening, working with others, following instructions, independence, and gross/fine motor skills. Oh and of course – we have got messy and laughed a lot as well – take a look at your tapestry account to see what we have been up to!

In our afternoon sessions we have been making castles, practising pencil control, manipulating small objects, playing with balloons and singing our favourite songs.

Next week: in our morning sessions we will be making predictions and testing ideas as we follow the children’s interest in dragons and have a special egg delivered to preschool. In our afternoon sessions we will be writing letters and going on a journey to the post box at preschool.

AM children only – please return swimming letters as soon as possible if you would like your child to take part after Easter. Our Easter bonnet parade will take place during the preschool morning session on Tuesday 30th March, if you would like your child to take part, please bring your Easter bonnet to preschool before this date. Thank you.