……..it’s a mystery!

This week we found a giant egg at preschool and have been trying to solve the mystery, we asked ourselves a lot of questions (who?/what?/when?/where?/how?), and made predictions based on the things we knew and the things that happened through the week. There were footprints, feathers and slime involved and by Friday the egg had vanished!

We also looked at number recognition and matching quantity with our morning children using outdoor games (What’s the time Mr.Wolf?/Car parking/Dice game of get the dragon to the egg), and a 1-1 activity with an adult. The children renamed Friday as ‘Pizza Friday’, because they wanted to make and eat a pizza of their own – this week we ordered toppings from a menu and then all made our own mini pizza – which tasted delicious at snack time.

In our afternoon sessions we also looked at the egg using binoculars, magnifying glasses a tape measure and stethoscope to think what might be inside. When they weren’t busy looking at the egg, they took part in activities looking at shapes and thought about the differences between them as we played games, found shapes hidden in the sand and made arrangements – take a look at your tapestry account to see the activities.

Next week: Easter activities for all the children. Easter Bonnet parade on Tuesday morning for all AM children. Preschool will close at 3pm on Wednesday 31st March for the Easter holiday. The first day back to preschool will be Monday 19th April.