What a lovely week of sunshine to start the new term. We have been making the most of our time outside this week and exploring the new equipment, spinning and bouncing on the seesaw, crawling through the tunnel, shooting some hoops and hiding in the circus tent.

As we moved around we thought about our body and how it reacts to exercise. We talked about our brain, our bones, the heart and lungs, then completed some circuit training (weight lifting/balance board/steps/press ups/star jumps) to see what happened to our breathing and heartbeat afterwards. We learnt about oxygen and how important it is, completing an experiment to help us understand how our lungs inflate/deflate – see your tapestry account for pictures and more information.

Next week: is science week at preschool and we will be combining different materials to see what happens and carrying out a range of experiments. On Thursday we have a visit from GenieLab Science and they will give our morning children an amazing science presentation. In our afternoon sessions we will explore the story ‘Mrs.Honey’s Hat’.

Thank you for the milk cartons we are going to start building the igloo soon, but think that we will still need more!