Our morning children have been thinking about Science this week at preschool, making predictions, testing out ideas and learning new language. They got to be little scientists themselves and explore what happens when different materials are mixed together, they talked about and watched experiments with colour, ice, magnets and eruptions. Then on Thursday they were treated to an amazing science presentation from Lucy at GenieLab Science. There were a lot of amazed expressions and smiling faces as they watched and listened to experiments including; a genie in a bottle, plasma gun, elephant toothpaste and slime! Take a look at our photo gallery and your tapestry account for pictures/videos from this morning.

Swimming lessons started on Tuesday and there was a lot of excitement – all of the children were brilliant as they got themselves changed and took to the challenge with ease.

In our afternoon sessions the children took part in the story ‘Mrs. Honey’s Hat’ and then made their own hat pictures/spider webs linking to this theme. They also used stencils and paint,

Next week: It is Bank holiday Monday and the preschool is closed. Tuesday is swimming for our morning children – please remember your hats. We will be thinking about parties, making cakes (following instructions), making cards (practising our writing/mark making).