This week we have learnt about the importance of healthy foods and cleaning our teeth. We have used our set of big teeth to practice cleaning for 2 minutes (quite a long time we discovered!) and taken part in activities looking at different food types. We have sorted foods into healthy and not so healthy rings, built a healthy lunchbox, talked about how many treat items are a good thing and the impact of sugar on our teeth.

All children have brought home a teeth cleaning chart and if they complete this and return it to preschool after a week they will get a small prize.

On Friday a child brought their friendly spider into preschool and we had a morning of making spiders, glittery spider webs, singing the nursery rhyme ‘Incy, Wincy Spider’ and reading the story ‘AArghh! Spider’, by Lydia Monks. We’re hoping the story ending doesn’t happen to the child’s own home! ((1) “Aaaarrgghh, Spider!” by Lydia Monks – YouTube)

Not forgetting our caterpillars that are now in their Chrysalis state, we are keenly awaiting their emergence very soon.

Next week: we will explore the topic of road safety will all of the children.