The children were asked to suggest the things that they most wanted to do for the last full week at preschool and it meant there were a lot of smiley faces and wet clothes. Each morning took on a different theme throughout the week; Monday was games day – table tennis/board games/duck, duck, goose/farmers in his den; Tuesday was carnival day – hook a duck/pin the tail on the donkey/ring toss/tin can alley/pinata; Wednesday was water and play day – water pistols/pouring and filling containers/bouncy castle; Thursday was crafts day – rainbow making/stress ball toy/name card/cactus card make/pom pom shooter; Friday was full on fun day!

We also managed to fit in a leavers certificate presentation and parents can view the video of this on their tapestry account from Monday 19th July. Please don’t forget to download your child’s tapestry journal if you have a child moving on to primary school this year.

In our afternoon sessions we also followed a similar theme with fun activities for everyone to take part in – take a look at your tapestry account for pictures.

Next week: Monday is a normal session at preschool for all children. Tuesday AM is a leaver’s party for those children going to school. Preschool is closed from 3pm on Tuesday 20th July for the summer break.