This week we have been playing in our supermarket, creating shopping lists, taking on roles at the checkout and also making some tasty treats to buy. Our learning about money helped us think about number recognition and count coins to match quantity.

We have been out and about to visit some real shops with a visit to the post office and supermarket on Tuesday, then finishing the week at Carly’s Cafe & Bakery in Addlestone (take a look at your tapestry journal for some pictures of this trip) where the children each got to order and enjoy eating a cake!

In our afternoon sessions we also got to play in our supermarket and make some tasty treats.

Next week: we will be playing in our workshop, fixing and using measuring. We will also be looking at ways to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. If you have any small boxes we would love you to send them in to preschool for one of our activities. Thank you.