Name recognition

Autumn Term

Christmas Celebration

Childrens Post Office

Shapes Here, There and Everywhere

Sneak Peak at Next Term

Name Recognition

Halloween & Fireworks


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

The Gingerbread Man

The Three Little Pigs

Travel Agents

Measuring & Trim Trial

Floats or Sink

Recycle, Reduce, Repair & Use

Lifecycle of a Butterfly


Effect of Exercise

Easter Activities Week

Shapes & Patterns

Letter Formation & Library Visit

The Letter ‘S’

Looking At Books

Language of Size & Position

Exploring Colour

People Who Help Us

Lollipop Lady & Chinese New Year

People Who Help Us

First Week Back

Christmas Party & Nativity

Christmas Fair

Mark Making

Linking, Constructing & Building

Surrounded By Shapes

Diwali & Fireworks

Winnie The Witch

Library Corner

Healthy Eating

Scissor Control

Settling Into Pre School

Grand Opening

Making Pizza